Veriphone 3750
Sleek and stylish, VeriFone’s Omni 3750 packs all the features and functions merchants could want into a single, stand-alone terminal. From smart card capabilities and EMV certification, to secure support for multiple payment and value-added applications, to factory-installed memory configurations (1.5, 3 and 4 Mbytes), the Omni 3750 handles the most complex transactions and value-added applications.
Exadigm Terminal
The ExaDigm Desk Mate is a portable terminal with battery support for all your POS needs. Based upon the superior Mate Series design, Desk Mate offers the same great features for a desktop, wired environment.
"Global standard" PSTN fast connect modem with support for SDLC and HDLC
Robust 32 bit ARM RISC processor with 66 MHz processing speed
Large amount of memory to store transaction histories
Supports multiple applications
Scalability--upgrade with future software and hardware modules
Integrated thermal printer
Desk Mate brings merchants powerful features in a dependable, cost effective solution. Merchants use Desk Mate's features for anything from quick transactions and reports to custom loyalty applications.

Merchants can rest assured knowing that ExaDigm designed Desk Mate with the user in mind. Everything from paper roll loading to menu navigation was designed to be fast and efficient.


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